Quotes It was really interesting to see another area of New Delhi. Seldom you as a tourist visiting the slums. You need a guide to go there. The guide who took me there is really dedicated to his work and have many ideas how to improve the lifes of people living in this area. I really recommend this tour with Pete... Quotes
Anette N (Sweden)
Pete slum walks

Quotes スラムの中を歩き回った後、スラムを隔てている軍事境界線を見ました。子供たちが純真だったのが印象的ですが、こうした子供たちのためにも教育が必要なのだと思いました。 After walking through the slum, I saw a military border which circumscribes the living space of people in the slum. Also, it was really impressive to see how pure children were in heart, which made me believe that education is necessary for these kids. Quotes
Taisuke (Japan)
スラムウォーク/Slum Walk

Quotes i had gr8 time seeing so much colors of life and how people live i recommend to take their other tour too to artist slums i like that more. Quotes
Wonderful Experience

Quotes It was really great to see efforts , but disheartening to see poor kids , my heart jst fell for them , wish pete them provide them with food education and everything ..where INDIAN GOVT s Deaf and DUMB.. Quotes
Abhishek soni
NRI working in IT

Quotes This walk showed me how people living in poverty share one thing in common that's love for each other and respect they have for guests.Very welcoming. Quotes
Ibrahim Jani Iran

Quotes I went on the Slum Walks that are hosted by PETE and wow, the slums are truly eye opening. Quotes
Carmei Wright
Slum Walk

Quotes Experiencing the slum walk in Dehli provides a great insight and education into wider Indian life. The people in the slums survive off little, yet exhibit an exuberance for life that is inspiring. Shiva and Pete do great work to create awareness, and provide assistance and opportunity to the inhabitants of the slum. The kids are a joy to be around. It was a highlight of our trip, a must do. Pete also runs a food tour through Old Dehli, which is fantastic and tasty! Quotes
Simon V
Slum Walk Dehli

Quotes Over 11 languages are spoken in Kathputli Colony and our guide, Laxmi, speaks five in 11. They call her ?Auntie" and she has so much love for them, so much hope to see them stand and grow and learn. Laxmi took us walking. Go here if you?re curious, and you really should be. It's the kind thing everyone ought to do - a healthy experience. If you have problems, it?ll help them feel small. It was wonderful to see children smiling, to see them filthy and playing with sludge and smiling. But it?s not how you might imagine. It?s not an awkward walk through a dirty place, where children are crying and begging for coin, candy or a smoke. It's a home to simultaneously desperate and happy people, who look at you, nod and wave, who wish you well and invite you in for chai or naan, and then they show you how to play the drums. It?s a homely place where people introduce themselves and shake your hand, they ask your name, you say your name and they ask you how you are. They ask you how you are. Quotes
James Tan

Quotes i visited the delhi slums in may 2012. This was a truly amazing tour and insight into the sadly harsh but true nature of inequality within this beautiful and vibrant country. i met shiva and spent a great deal of time with him, and he even took me on a personal tour to rishikesh which i will also never forget. to see the children and families in the slums malnourished and destitute yet still able to smile was both a rewarding and humbling experience whIch i shall never forget. i will return to delhi in a month or so and will be going back there again to see what further fantatsic achievements PETE has provided for the families and their children and the tireless work that shiva and his team of guides, teachers and volunteers provide for people who have so little yet can still find joy in life. i cannot recommend this highly enough and to anyone visiting delhi and india it is not to be missed. Quotes
david james

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