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8O Percent of Profits Goes Towards Providing Education To Everyone Charity To support Ongoing Projects In Delhi Slums And Rural Area of Uttrakhand

PETE For India Travel

Day Tours/Walks/Cultural Tours Of India

Bicycle Tours In Delhi 

Healthy and Exciting Bicycle Tour!

We  invite you to be a part of our community through seeing the life of people on streets,  enjoying the morning air in Delhi,  and taking magnificent picture as a memory.

We offer three different routes which covers the important landmarks, historical places,  Delhi's markets, natural forests and many more.
Details of the routes will be available on the right column soon.

Promotional Offer- Rs 1300 per person including breakfast

Pickpoint- R.K Ashram Metro Station outside Exit gate no. 5
Breakfast Included

Timings- 6:30 am
Bicycle tours in delhi organised by Pete for india travel sure will be memorable experience for you

Bicycle Tours