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PETE For India Travel

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Old Delhi Foodies Walk                           

It’s within the walled, dilapidated confines of Old Delhi—the congested maze of narrow alleys where rickshaw pullers, mosque goers, shoppers, beggars, and vendors of every imaginable thing collide daily—where the very best food is found.

The historic and symbolic heart of the city, Old Delhi has street stalls and sweets shops dating back 70, 100, 200 years, peddling the same popular delicacies now as then: spicy-tangy chaats (snacks), sugary jalebi, smoky mutton kebabs. There’s just one catch about eating in this part of town: It can be completely overwhelming.

Our local guide will take you to the best eateries and all included in the price.

When: Everyday

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Price: Rs. 2000 pp (Including food and bottle of mineral water and guide!)

Timing: Afternoon/Evening 

Afternoon-1 pm onwards


Private Walk-3000 pp can plan timings according to your convenience 

Pickup facility available by car (Cost Extra)

Pick-Up Point Location: Shadipur Metro Station, Outside Exit Gate No. 5 (or arranged private pick-up for private walk only)/R.k Ashram metro outside exit gate no 5

Please mention your choice of metro after making a booking

Includes-Food,bottle of mineral water,guide,free trip to sikh temple(optional)


As we been Delhite knows the hidden joints in Delhi to eat best food.

As every other shop you will find this things but we take you the places which actually starting from 17th century and every outlet is between 70 to 200 year old!




Indian sweets- Rabri,lassi

Paranthe wali where first shop started from 1857 and been visited by many prime ministers,celebrities for eating food

Hand rickshaw Ride between the bazaars like jewelers market,sari market and wedding accessories market

We promise we will not stop till you drop :)

New Delhi Food Tour-Experience how the native dishes have evolved as you move from the bustling streets of Paharganj to the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. Paharganj, located in Central Delhi,Patel nagar


Location-Patel nagar Metro Station outside exit gate no 2

Includes-Coffee(vast range to select from,Soups(tomato and mushroom ,Delhi Snacks (Chola bhaturas,aloochaat,chola kulchas) icecreams,samosas and many more

For meat lovers you will get to taste  chicken and mutton Kababs in end of tour

Promotional offer-For Group of 4 people pick/drop by car  from hotel in delhi free

Duration-4 hours

Price-2500 rs per person

Duration 4 to 5 hours

Includes-Guide,Snacks,Coffee,Soups,Mineral water bottles,Food,Sweets And much more

Please Note - In our food walks sweets have been really appreciated by guests along with snacks so we order extra and pack them and give it to guests so that they enjoy the unforgettable taste once again and remeber us for the walk :)

Reviewed 19 December 2014

The other day a friend and I took part in the Foodie Walk from PETE for India Travel and it was GREAT! We strolled around Old Delhi and had bits and pieces of amazing food on the way! Also our guide proved to be very well educated about the area and the restaurants and we had loads of fun! All in all I can say I was SO full and satisfied.
A plus is of course that the money we paid went directly to a charitable cause. Totally worth!

Jen -Austria

Includes Sikh Temple (old delhi),Hand Rickshaw rides,,Delhi Snacks,Sweets,Lassi