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8O Percent of Profits Goes Towards Providing Education To Everyone Charity To support Ongoing Projects In Delhi Slums And Rural Area of Uttrakhand

PETE For India Travel

Day Tours/Walks/Cultural Tours Of India

Multi-Day Tour Guide Along  co-founder shiva as well as our 2 senior guides Aamir and Ritesh  r our multi day tour guides at Pete For India Travel

Co-Founder Pete  -Travelling and meeting new people and showing them part of his country is his passion.He have backpacked from Kashmir to Kanyakumari making friends with locals on the way,driven thru bikes and cars  all the places  we provide tours of ,Till now he have showed hundreds of visitors including  tv channels like bbc,russia tv1,documentary makers and photographers.Born in india Delhi having perfect knowledge of north india culture like rajasthan to himalayas.Coming from hospitality field never ending curiosity of meeting people showing them the culture is one of his passion. to see his work in past years..

Laxmi Devi

Chief Guide

Laxmi is working in kathputli and other slums as a social worker for last 10 years involved in health,awareness,education she joined pete 2 Years ago 
She also lives in area of kathputli and have lot of respect in slums also known as mother teresa of kathputli.She also run self help groups for womans living in slums thus creating jobs for the woman's who r passionate to do something in life. 



Aamir lives in kathputli and loves to show guests his community he also plays cricket in city cricket team and hope to get  reach into national cricket team one day and also a  inspiring singer..At this age of 22 he also supports his family and very dedicated son.. 

Woods r dark and deep i have many miles to go and many promises to keep before i go to sleep

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Deepak Bhatt


Deepak lives in kathputli which was formed by his forefathers and he love to show  how his community lives and going thru day to day life.Deepak is a professional drummer and plays in festivals and shows in India.His dream is to play in international festivals one day..

Ajay Bhatt


Ajay is born and bought up in kathputli colony and is a professional drummer and a puppeteer and been to many countries to do international shows he loves to show around kathputli and other tours we do outside Delhi..