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8O Percent of Profits Goes Towards Providing Education To Everyone Charity To support Ongoing Projects In Delhi Slums And Rural Area of Uttrakhand

PETE For India Travel

Day Tours/Walks/Cultural Tours Of India


Sunrise Taj- 2.30 am Midnight Leaving for Taj

Sunset Taj- Leaving 12.30 pm

Group-Upto 6 

1 person -12000

2 person-6000 pp

3 person-4000pp

4 person-3000pp

5 person-2500 pp

6 person-2100pp

Inclusive- Guide from pete for your whole journey

Transport by Air Conditioned jeep (9 seater)


icebox for keeping water/juice chilled

Apple and android fast charging cables with chargers

Rear and front a/c

Comfortable bucket Seats  suitable for long journeys

Fitted with all terrain tyres