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8O Percent of Profits Goes Towards Providing Education To Everyone Charity To support Ongoing Projects In Delhi Slums And Rural Area of Uttrakhand

PETE For India Travel

Day Tours/Walks/Cultural Tours Of India

Social Impact

80% of all profits will go to the registered charity PETE (Providing Education To Everyone).

Touring the slums helps their community and offers people a chance to interact with people from other cultures.

We provide jobs to young people and many women from the slums.

Slum Walks in Delhi by PETE:

Nirvan Commune in the Himalayas by PETE:

PETE has helped to create 3 free schools in the slums of Kathpuli Community and one free school in the mountains north of Delhi. The aim of the charity is to make sure every child has the right to an education.

Other things PETE has done:

Employed people from poverty stricken areas in Delhi And Uttrakhand.

Provided free school meals for children.

Supplied children with clothes, games, notebooks and stationary.

Taught young women employable skills to earn money.

Provided financial help for parents of children who can’t afford medicines.

Provided free food for widows with more than 3 children to look after.