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8O Percent of Profits Goes Towards Providing Education To Everyone Charity To support Ongoing Projects In Delhi Slums And Rural Area of Uttrakhand

PETE For India Travel

Day Tours/Walks/Cultural Tours Of India


An Idea is Born

When Jim wideman met shiva in india during his journey to india he expressed his wish to start a charity on his late friend Pete.Shiva touched by his dream opened the charity in 2012 but the biggest challenge to run the charity and paying for expenses every month.
So He Decided to start slum walks and other tours so that money coming from tours can be utilize to Run the Organisation 

Ballu Our first guide,He has to run away from his house to get married to the girl from a wealthy background and took a police protection to come back after marriage bec of girl parents influence.His wife shifted to a small room with him in slums  with his family where 2 kids r born,But unfortunately small -small fight started between his mother and wife Bec of that one day he hanged himself to the fan and committed suicide
You will be missed forever you was a dedicated person with smile always on face.You was a loyal and honest person. Whereever you will be right now we r sure you will be in good hands.

There are plenty of reasons to choose us....

    • Charity - We believe in putting money back into the communities we visit. 80% of our profits after tax and total  30 percent of total revenue will be donated to PETE (Providing Education to Everyone).
    • Hospitality - We want you to feel welcome on your trip to India.
    • Pride- We take pride giving the tours and experiences we offer.
    • Reliability - We communicate timely and efficiently prior to your event, so all you have to do on the day is enjoy yourself.
    • Feedback & Honesty - If there are elements of your tour or experience you do not enjoy, feel free to feed them back to us so we can keep improving as a company. Our tours are now much improved due to feedback we have been receiving from clients for the last three years. 

    • Cultural Experience - Our tours are a cultural experience for you to interact with the Indian way of life. 
    • Local Guides - There is no-one better to show you the best spots of the community than the people who live there.

    • We believe nowhere in Delhi you can find the prices we offer for the service we provide.
    • We believe in charging a minimum contribution, rather than a fixed price, to keep the tours accessible to everyone.


Hospatilty is my passion i am a biker and covered almost 10k on himalayas by my bike.Adventure i Seek and love to meet diffrent people i currently also do guiding for Pete so i will be your guide for outstation group,individual tours.I am a foodie so i will be most of time  your guide during old delhi tours and delhi by night tour  as well 


Community Manager

Laxmi is responsible for our signature tour slum walks and is working in slums for last 10 years,she also under supervision team of 5 guides who do walks along with her or seperately in case of multiple tours.

Uttarakhand project

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